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Lakshmi is a hand-crafted and hand-embroidered Sari boutique curated by Vani Polavaram. Check the website here:

Language Shoes

Language is the ultra-cool fashion footwear brand that we love to bits:) To introduce the new collection we designed the theme of ‘introducing your feet to a new language’ See the website here: Photography, films: Madhavan Palanisamy. Design and art: Radha Rathi. Styling: Vivek Karunakaran. DOP George Williams. Music: Aravind and Jaishankar. Edit: Frank. […]

Lollipops that dream

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Dreams are remembered, reconstructed. Canvases are torn. In the narrow remains of time, a drama takes its stage. With Lollipops that dream. Photography: Madhavan Palanisamy  Design, Illustrations & the girl in the pictures: Radha Rathi

Chennai Remix

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Inspired by wall graffiti and temple art, Madhavan Palanisamy conjures up his personal vision of Chennai. The multi-colored, multi-layered city comes alive in this new series called Chennai Remix. Suspended autos (tuk-tuks), silhouetted crows (ancestors returning to earth?), jumping boys — all get mixed and remixed. Chennai Remix was shown at Apparao Gallery, Chennai. Concept/ […]

i wish we were friends

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A bunch of ponies travel across the oceans and the mountains to reach India from the U.S. They are left at a friend’s home, to be collected by other friends. One by one, they depart untill one lonely pony remains, longing. It is going crazy. Photo story: Madhavan Palanisamy

Truth Portraits

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What is Truth? And most importantly, what is your own truth? And how is it different from mine? And how will it set you free, if you don’t set it free? We designed a book for a transformation company that encourages people to look into themselves and figure out their own truth. We met real people at their own […]

The Urban Vagabond

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We worked with Vivek Karunakaran and Shreya Kamalia of ViiA to present their ‘Urban Vagabond’ line at the Lakme Fashion Week, Winter Fest 2010. Concept: ViiA and MagicBus  Photography: Madhavan Palanisamy Styling/clothes: Vivek Karunakaran Design: Radha Rathi