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a mighty appetite

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Before we invented the TV, invented money, jealousy, plastic, cfc, lies and aristocracy, there existed  a world where everything flowed into everything else. The people in the land were friends with the people in the sea and the sky. Everyone could breathe everywhere and everyone could fly. Love was the only occupation. This series was […]

Chennai Remix

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Inspired by wall graffiti and temple art, Madhavan Palanisamy conjures up his personal vision of Chennai. The multi-colored, multi-layered city comes alive in this new series called Chennai Remix. Suspended autos (tuk-tuks), silhouetted crows (ancestors returning to earth?), jumping boys — all get mixed and remixed. Chennai Remix was shown at Apparao Gallery, Chennai. Concept/ […]

i wish we were friends

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A bunch of ponies travel across the oceans and the mountains to reach India from the U.S. They are left at a friend’s home, to be collected by other friends. One by one, they depart untill one lonely pony remains, longing. It is going crazy. Photo story: Madhavan Palanisamy