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Teachers’ Lab

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Campus recruitment project (film,print) for Teachers’ Lab – an organisation thats in the pursuit of ‘a new kind of teacher’ – Teachers who are passionate about education and the change that they can bring about. Teachers who listen to their inner voice (and not to the ‘society’). Special inputs in terms of research by P […]

Language Shoes

Language is the ultra-cool fashion footwear brand that we love to bits:) To introduce the new collection we designed the theme of ‘introducing your feet to a new language’ See the website here: Photography, films: Madhavan Palanisamy. Design and art: Radha Rathi. Styling: Vivek Karunakaran. DOP George Williams. Music: Aravind and Jaishankar. Edit: Frank. […]

Rising Solutions Recruitment drive

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Rising Solutions, a Chennai based BPO, wanted to attract fun talent to join their organisation. The client, Soumya Menon, turned to us to come up with a communication program that their employees would love to forward to their friends and call them in. A rewards program was also announced. When we met Rising Solutions, we figured out the […]

Firstsource Culture Change

Posted in Communication, Film

We collaborated with Firstsource to do a culture change program that would bring down their attrition rate. After trying posters and other forms of communication. We made a film about two good friends who join the company at the same time but take two different roads that reflect the choices that youngsters face. Concept and […]

Chennai Super Kings “Whistle Podu”

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Madhavan Palanisamy collaborated with Chockalingam of OPN Advertising — the agency for Chennai Super Kings — who wanted to make a viral video based on Chennai and its local flavor for the Super Kings fans. The idea emerged in discussions with our friends and music producers, Aravind and Jai Shankar (Music from the Place). From thereon, “Whistle Podu” […]