Magicbus Studio

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Magicbus studio is a photography-films-design-art collaborative started by Madhavan Palanisamy and Radha Rathi with a passion to work with like-minded creative people and produce work that is unique and personal.

This endeavor has pushed them to successfully create projects collaborating with advertising agencies like JWT, Mudra, OPN Advertising and Identiti design;  fashion designers like Vivek Karunakaran, Nupur Goenka  and Corporate Houses like Firstsource, One World Academy, Lakshya and Henkel.

Their common interests in the visual arts, cinema, fashion, design, architecture, books and music helps them bring freshness and surprise to their work.

They are available for commissions in photography, design, communication and film projects, both as a team or as individuals.

Magicbus Studio is based out of Chennai, India.


About Madhavan Palanisamy

Madhavan Palanisamy (Madhav) is a conceptual photographer, writer and filmmaker – all rolled into one. After working with with some of the brightest advertising agencies in India for more than 10 years, one day his life took a sharp turn when he decided to look for his future inside the view finder of the camera.

As a visual artist, his work explores our capacity to escape from the routine to access something personal and beautiful. A moment that can unfold if we are keen to see it. This has driven him to interpret the strange beauty that surrounds him and create stories in photography, writing, doodles and film.

His work is highly inspired from all the movies and artists who have impacted him and gives him the unique ability to find and to tell stories filled with drama. His approach blurs the boundaries between commissioned and personal work, making it unique- whether it is creating ideas in communication or imaging.


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About Radha Rathi

Radha Rathi is a graphic designer and an artist at heart who takes inspiration from the classical painters and combines it with the 21st century neonic pop culture to create work that is edgy, restless and bouncing with energy. Her work is driven by her insatiable appetite to interpret ideas and give it a conceptual edge using design, photography and art. She believes in staying hungry and staying foolish.